Seinfeld Is Coming to Hulu, and It's Not Coming Cheap

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No official announcement from Hulu yet, but multiple outlets are reporting that the third-most-talked-about online streaming platform has possibly made itself more attractive to subscribers – by snagging Seinfeld.

For years, Seinfeld has remained a streaming holdout – never appearing on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other major player. Of course, you could always watch Seinfeld on TBS – whenever it aired. Or, you can currently watch Seinfeld (legally) on Crackle. There, you can watch about a dozen or so free episodes at any given time, and they rotate in and out fairly consistently.

But Seinfeld coming to Hulu will mean that the entire series is available to stream for the first time ever.

The Wall Street Journal says that the deal values each episodes at $700,000. Variety puts the total value of the deal at near $180 million. That's more than $60 million more than Netflix paid for Friends.

Hulu wasn't the only SVOD company in the running as both Yahoo and Amazon expressed interest. Last summer Jerry Seinfeld said that "conversations" were taking place to bring Seinfeld to Netflix but that never materialized.

Seinfeld is a huge show – one of the most-watched of all time. And grabbing the exclusive streaming rights is a big headline. But is Seinfeld a big enough draw to get people to sign up for Hulu Plus?

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