Segway Demonstration Accident? That'll Be $10 Million...

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Segways are kind of like the "next big thing" that never really took off. Sure, they're recognizable and still have a sense of novelty attached to them, but they never became the next step in human transportation that Dean Kamen envisioned. Instead, besides seeing the occasional mobile police unit, Segways are not part of the mainstream, unless, of course, you count the Segway accidents that pop up on YouTube.

Take the video that's leading the argument. It simply showed how much fun Segways are, especially at the expense of others; that is, until the person falling off the Segway gets injured enough to win a lawsuit against the vehicle's makers. Take John Ezzo, for instance. Ezzo took part in a Segway demonstration at Southern Connecticut University in 2009. The demo included a trip through an obstacle course designed and set up by the Segway team.

The stipulation? Ezzo was to navigate the course while blindfolded, which lead to the head injury that resulted in the lawsuit. According to the Claims Journal publication, Ezzo has been awarded $10 million for his suffering, which apparently led Ezzo to drop out of school and become a handyman. Considering the damages he's been awarded, Ezzo now has the funds to finance one hell of a handyman business, provided he stays with that career. A new van, complete with a fresh new logo can work wonders, even for word-of-mouth businesses.

In light of Ezzo's winning lawsuit, here are a few more videos of people wrecking on Segways, because laughing at the expense of others never gets old, especially on the Internet:

Perhaps these guys should've contacted the same legal team Ezzo did.

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