See Jelly Bean's Photo Sphere Feature In Action

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One of the coolest features found in Android 4.2 is Photo Sphere. The software lets users take multiple pictures and combine them into an IMAX-like image. It's one thing to hear about a feature, however, and an entirely different thing to actually see it in action. The holidays provide a perfect excuse to do the latter.

To perhaps compel you into buying a Nexus 4, Google has posted a video today showing just how good the photo sphere feature is. So how does one show off a panoramic photo feature? Beautiful vistas? A city's skyline? Too easy. Google instead chose the Cheris family, a unit that consists of over 20 members all strewn throughout a two-story house.

After seeing that, you might want to rush out and buy a Nexus 4 before your own massive family gathering. I'm sure Google and LG would appreciate the sale, but both versions of the device are sold out on the Google Play store. In fact, the only Nexus device available on Google Play is the 32 GB Nexus 7, and even that is backordered.

Unfortunately, Android 4.2 is only officially available on Nexus devices at the moment. Other smartphone users, especially those who have a Galaxy S III, can easily install a custom Android 4.2 ROM, but the less technologically capable among us will have to settle for taking multiple pictures of every family member this holiday season.

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