See Foxconn's Apple Operations In China

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We've been covering the unfolding saga of Apple and their supplier Foxconn and the supposed worker abuses at their plants in China. We have covered everything from worker suicides at the plants, to petitions from concerned citizens, to inside interviews with Foxconn employees. Most recently we reported that Apple has partnered with the Fair Labor Association to conduct audits of operations in China and that workers compensation was increasing. Now, we are able to bring you exclusive footage from inside Foxconn's walls. ABC News and Nightline bring us the following video:

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As the video shows in the Nightline preview, Bill Weir traveled inside China and inside Foxconn in hopes of discovering evidence to support accusations of abuse by the Apple supplier. Perhaps the tour is an effort by Apple to illustrate their commitment to enhancing working conditions in China. On the other, hand it could be a contrived production put on by Foxconn to appease outraged consumers and to minimize any damage caused by the recent negative press. Either way, on tuesday you can view the entire Nightline story as they go into Foxconn and out on the production floor. I'll be watching to see what they find and reporting back to you.

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