Secret Service Scandal: Criminal Charges Will Not Be Filed

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The Secret Service scandal in Colombia earlier this year exposed a history of misconduct on behalf of the President's personal protection force, which, as once can imagine, does not reflect well on the country or it's military. Although seven Army soldiers and two Marines have received administrative punishment for their contributions to the incident, none of them will face criminal charges for their actions. Additionally, one member of the Air Force was also punished as a result of the scandal, while two Navy sailors are currently awaiting their fate.

These individuals were assigned to support the Secret Service during President Obama's trip to Cartagena, where he was to appear at a Latin American summit. Before the President's scheduled arrival, several men partook in the some questionable activity, which, apparently, has happened more than once in the past. However, when one of the agents got into a dispute over money with a hooker, the whole sordid affair quickly came to light.

As a result, over a dozen Secret Service officers, including several agents and supervisors, were implicated in the ensuing scandal. Following an investigation into the matter, eight individuals lost their jobs, while three were cleared of any wrongdoings. According to Fox News, a few former employees are currently attempting to get their jobs back.

The U.S. military rarely discloses details of administrative punishments. Officials spoke to the news organization in the condition of anonymity since results of this investigation have not been made public. Congress is expected to speak with military officials regarding the scandal shortly.

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