Second Sinkhole Appears in Tampa Bay Area

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It appears that the Earth may be attempting to swallow Tampa Bay, Florida.

Less than one week after a sinkhole reported to be 30 feet across pulled a man named Jeffrey Bush to his death, Reuters is reporting that a second sinkhole has appeared in the Tampa area. The new sinkhole opened up underneath a fence and no injuries have been reported. It is only around 5 feet deep and 12 feet wide, but it still has residents concerned for their lives and property.

According to the Reuters report, Tampa officials have stated that this new sinkhole is unrelated to last week's deadly one.

The sinkhole that caused the death last week opened up underneath Bush's bedroom, swallowing Bush and his bedroom furniture. That hole was 60 feet deep and authorities have stated they do not expect to be able to recover Bush's body. The house in which the sinkhole appeared has been demolished, and residents near the house have been evacuated as a precaution.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection states that limestone in the state is porous and vulnerable to acidic water. As the water dissolves the limestone, caverns form, which can then collapse to form a sinkhole.

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