Sean Payton Divorce: No One Wants To Hear About It

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Sean Payton, coach for the New Orleans Saints, has gone through a bad patch lately. Not only was he suspended for a season for the role he allegedly played in the bounty scandal, it seems now he's also going through a divorce. And, in a rare display of internet compassion, football fans don't care.

When The Times-Picayune reported on the divorce filing--which shows that Payton has already moved out of their Texas home--it immediately spread like wildfire among varous web media sources, including Usually, news of a high-profile divorce is leapt upon by those in need of some juicy gossip, but this time was different. The comment thread on reflects that people just want to read about football news...not the personal lives of coaches.


In our digital age, it seems nothing is private anymore; social media and smartphones have made it enticingly easy to share every detail of our lives with others in a quick fashion. So are we becoming overloaded with information? It seems perhaps there are some things that people would rather not see shared, or maybe it's simply that the news was shared on a sports site. Either way, the opinion seems to be that those in the public eye are still entitled to a modicum of privacy.

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