Sean Hannity: Ballot Gets Tweeted, Then Deleted

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Sean Hannity, host of Fox News, quickly realized his mistake yesterday after he tweeted a photo of his completed election ballot, which is illegal in many states.

“I learned a big civics lesson today," he later said. "I took a picture of my vote and I tweeted it out and then I heard it's not allowed. So I had to...I deleted it...whoops! I didn't know, I really didn't, honestly.”

Hannity wasn't the only one tweeted pics of his choices; so many people were doing it yesterday that it became a trend, especially on Instagram. Many celebrities got in on the act, too, but it's more than likely that most of them have since been deleted, like Hannity's.


Here's a handy guide to state ballot laws, which may be useful during the next election year.


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