Seahawks Dominate Saints On Monday Night Football

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Another week of football has gone by, and once again this week's Monday night game proved to be a disappointment. The game was set up with a large amount of hype and as two of the best teams in the league were playing, the score would come as a surprise to any NFL fan.

This editiion of Monday Night Football featured the New Orleans Saints heading to Seattle to play the Seahawks, which as anyone who pays attention to football knows, is a very difficuhlt task. Despite being one of the best offenses in the league, and one of the best records, the Saints were barely able to score in the game.

This Monday was another letdown, much like last week's game between the 49ers and the Redskins. With the high-powered offense of Drew Brees and the excellent young Seattle team, this game was likely to have been more competitive.

The fans and the noise may also have gotten to Drew Brees, and it is hard to imagine how he was able to get a snap off most of the time. For the third time this year, a record has been set for the noise level of the crowd, and for the second time, it has been in Seattle.

During the game, the noise level reached 137.6 decibels, breaking the previous mark of 137.5 decibels set at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City back in October.

The Seattle Seahawks played well throughout the game, putting up 315 yards in the first half, while they also got lucky in some cases. Early in the third quarter, Russell Wilson was looking for his tight end, Kellen Davis, only to see the ball tipped up in the air, and caught by Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman.


The game ended with a final score of 34-7, which was the score for much of the second half. The Saints showed signs of coming back late in the 2nd quarter, but after they let the Seahawks score again before halftime, it seemed to be all over.

With the win, Seattle takes control of the NFC, and with only one loss, they also have the best record in the NFL. Coming into the game, the Seahawks were 10-1, while the Saints were 9-2, however those records did not seem to mean much when it came time to play the game, since the Seahawks clearly proved that they were the better team.

After defeating the Saints on Monday, Seattle is set to secure the No.1 spot in the playoffs, and currently holds the tie-breaker against the Saints, who are now tied with the Carolina Panthers, a team that is looking very tough to beat.

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