'Scramble with Friends' Available on Google Play


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Zynga hopes to draw more people to Scramble With Friends" by bringing the game to Google Play (formerly Android market). Scramble follows Words With Friends as the latest game in the With Friends franchise. The release will feature cross-platform compatibility, allowing people on iPhone to play with people on Google Play to play with people on Facebook, and so on.

Scramble is basically Boggle in the same way Words With Friends is basically Scrabble. Each match consists of three two-minute rounds. Players try to find as many words in the "Scramble" as possible before time runs out.

“In just a few short months there has been a tremendous response to Scramble With Friends with over 26 billion words found since launch, and we are excited to bring the game to even more players,” said David Ko, chief mobile officer for Zynga. “We’re continuing to invest in the ‘With Friends’ franchise, and bring our games across devices and platforms to help them connect with friends anytime, anywhere.”

Since its release in January, the game has grabbed about 4.2 million MAUs on Facebook.

Other stats:

  • 16 Million rounds played
  • 400 million freeze powers used
  • 184 billion words not found
  • 240 Monthly Active Users for Zynga Games

Scramble is the fourth installment in the With Friends franchise, following, Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, and Chess with Friends.