Scott Thompson Steps Down From F5 and Splunk Inc.


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Scott Thompson's not so subtle departure from Yahoo left some wondering if he in fact, does have health problems or just fabricated a clever excuse to sidestep allegations that he intentionally perpetuated the myth that he held a bachelors degree in computer science. In any event, he stepped down as CEO of Yahoo and now we find he has also resigned several other boards where he held positions of influence.

As of Friday, Thompson resigned his position on the board of directors at F5, a technology company focused on the organization of internet traffic. No specific details were given about the departure, but we can assume it is related to him recently being diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Today, we hear that he is resigning from his board of directors position at Splunk as well. After joining the software company in October last year, his resignation was made official on Friday. Splunk Chairman and CEO Godfrey Sullivan comments on Thompson's departure, "On behalf of the company's management and board of directors, we thank Mr. Thompson for his contributions to the company. In regard to recent health issues, we wish Scott all the best for a fast and full recovery".

As you might recall, Thompson officially resigned from Yahoo, but it is widely believed he was forced out after the scandal over his credentials. Yahoo claimed there was due "cause" for him leaving and was justified in not paying him severance, but he was allowed to keep his make-whole stock options which yielded him millions off his work at Yahoo.

No real evidence has been offered verifying the 54-year-old's cancer diagnosis, but he has explained that he wishes to keep the details of his personal health private. We will keep you updated on Thomson's health and the dealings over at Yahoo as 2012 continues to bring change.