Scott Disick Starts Bizarre Drug Treatment Outside U.S.

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Scott Disick is going the extra mile to get sober. In fact, he going an extra 2,000 miles.

After a bender in Atlantic City, Scott Disick took off for Costa Rica to begin a rehab program that is raising eyebrows. While Scott Disick has been in and out of rehab programs in the past, this particular regimen is not approved for use within the United States. He had to go out of the country to get the help he needs at the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica.

The treatment program uses a plant called iboga. But this is not just some tea-sipping, enema-taking cleanse -- although that may come with the package. Scott Disick is about to have the trip of his life in an effort to get clean..

One of the first effects of taking an iboga treatment -- which is sometimes administered rectally -- is difficulty coordinating your muscles. It is hard to stand or walk without assistance.

After that, subjects often start vomiting. This is why the treatment is administered through the backdoor, to keep the patient from vomiting it up. These symptoms can last anywhere from four to 24 hours

But that's not the trippiest part. Ibogaine is a psychedelic. First, the patient starts hallucinating. These dream-like hallucinations can last anywhere from four to six hours. The director of one clinic in Baja says of these visions, "Ibogaine can take you many places, causing you to experience a range of emotions, memories and visions. If any of these images become too frightening, just open your eyes."

After that comes the part of the experience that is often credited with doing the actual healing: introspection. In the Introspection stage, the patient faces their inner issues that have trapped them in a life of addiction.

One ibogaine treatment patient used the program to help kick his addiction to heroin in a single treatment. He described the experience this way:

"As it starts to take effect I feel an intense wave of energy emanating from the centre of my chest that permeates my entire body. This euphoric state also brings me instantaneous relief from the discomfort I was feeling after going without heroin for almost 24 hours.

"With my withdrawal symptoms completely gone, I am perplexed by the state of clarity I am in while seeing the most profound stream of visual phenomena. I am also filled with a sense of awe at the potential for a life free of heroin. Emotional memories force me to deal with some of the deep subconscious guilt I have repressed for years."

Sources say that Scott Disick visited the treatment center in Costa Rica in the past, considering it as a possibility for his own issues. Now it looks like he is taking the plunge.

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