Scott Disick: Rob Kardashian Calls Kourtney Kardashian's Baby Daddy 'Crazy'

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Scott Disick was once again an idiot in a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The episode that aired on Sunday was filmed prior to Kourtney Karashian giving birth to her and Scott Disick's son Reign.

The show featured lots of Scott Disick in true Lord Disick form. He was drunk and belligerent. He also insisted on taking a job to host a party in Vegas, even though Kourtney was due to give birth any time.

Upon Scott Disick's return from Vegas, his first stop wasn't to see Kourtney Kardashian or their children--Penelope and Mason Disick. Instead it was to see Rob Kardashian--so he could give him a hug.

"I just felt like I wanted to hug my brother," Scott told Khloe Kardashian upon his arrival. Khloe talked to him like he was a small child, telling him to wait until the next day.

Scott Disick didn't listen to Khloe, however, and managed to get Rob's attention. Rob locked up the house as best he could in an attempt to thwart Scott's efforts to get in. Rob later told Khloe that Scott was "crazy," banging on doors and trying to gain entry from every possible angle. He did, in fact, wind up getting in.

It's not known, however, if Scott Disick got that hug from Rob Kardashian, however.

How sad that Kourtney Kardashian chooses to live this way. As fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians surely know, Kourtney has long since given birth to Reign, but Scott Disick's behavior--albeit a bit milder--hasn't really changed. He's been to rehab, but most feel it's only a matter of time before he's acting up again.

Do you think Rob Kardashian may have hit the nail on the head when he called Scott Disick crazy? Or is Kourtney Kardashian the crazy one--for putting up with him?

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