Scott Disick Didn't Watch Bruce Jenner's Interview Because Allegedly He Finds It 'Weird'

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Scott Disick reportedly didn’t watch Bruce Jenner’s revealing 20/20 interview on Friday night because he allegedly finds the whole thing "weird."

According to Hollywood Life, Scott Disick chose not to gather with other family members to watch Jenner’s interview, choosing instead to party it up in Las Vegas.

According to an insider for Hollywood Life, Scott Disick made his choice to forego the gathering because he thinks Bruce Jenner's transition to a woman is “weird.”

“Scott thinks the whole situation is weird and was talking to friends and cracking jokes about Bruce’s special throughout the night. He had no intention to watch the show with Bruce and the rest of the family and he doesn’t even want to watch the show now,” allegedly said the insider.

Scott Disick has not shown any support for his step-father-in-law either.

According to reports, Scott was spotted partying at the Las Vegas nightclub, 1 OAK, over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Bruce Jenner was the recipient of lots family support. Kris Jenner told Perez Hilton on Twitter that she was sitting right next to Jenner and watching the interview with him on Friday night. Others there included Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

On Monday, Kim Kardashian appeared on the Today Show and said she supports Bruce's decision 100 percent. Jenner's first wife, Chrystie Crownover, also offered strong support in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.

“[It] was kind of surreal. It was great because the family was together and that’s what I’m most proud of. I know it’s been painful for him. I know it’s been a torment in his life,” Chrystie Crownover told Stephanopoulos.

Should Scott Disick have been with the family watching the interview on Friday?

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