Scott Disick: Did Kourtney Kardashian Issue the Ultimate Slam Regarding Entrance to Her Home?

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Scott Disick is now deemed a visitor at what was once his own home. Has Kourtney Kardashian issued the ultimate slam?

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has made it so that Scott Disick has to stop at the guard shack at the entrance to the Calabasas community in which she and their children live. He was accustomed to driving up to the resident's side of the gate, where he could enter the premises any time of the day or night, with no questions asked.

This means Kourtney calls the shots. Scott Disick can't simply drive to her door any more. If she doesn't feel like having him visit, she needs only tell the guard at the community entrance and he will be sent away. Scott and Kourtney are the parents of three children--Reign, Penelope, and Mason Disick. Scott has visited the children a number of times since their split.

TMZ reports that Scott Disick showed up to pay either Kourtney or their kids a visit on Sunday, but had to veer his Rolls into the visitors lane at the guard shack. It's possible that he had a gate remote that Kourtney has since had deactivated.

After almost a decade together, Kourtney Kardashian called it quits with Scott Disick earlier this summer. Photos of him cozying up to Hollywood stylist Chloe Bartoli while the two were in Monte Carlo served as the last straw for Kourtney. She broke things off with him upon his return to the U.S. and hasn't let him back in her life since.

Some believed that the two would reconcile, but that hasn't happened yet. Kourtney Kardashian likely realized how stressful it was living with a constant partier. She probably realized life was much easier without him in the picture.

Do you think Scott Disick was upset by this slam? Do you suppose he gave Kourtney a hard time about making him go through the visitor's lane at the gate leading into her community?

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