Score One For Nokia: You Can Play Angry Birds With A Banana On A Lumia Smartphone

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Nokia's Lumia 920 is coming out this November exclusively on AT&T. It has a number of features that sets it apart from the pack, but naysayers will tell you that these features don't make much of a difference going up against the might of the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III. Well, can you play Angry Birds with a banana on those phones?

Nokia's Facebook page touted the impressive touch screen on the company's Lumia line of smartphones. They even claimed that one could play Angry Birds with a banana due to the extreme sensitivity of the screen. Such a feat would be pretty hard on other smartphones.


The Lumia’s screen is so sensitive that you can play Angry Birds with….a banana. True story.

Who are we to doubt Nokia's claims? The folks at Advices Media thought somebody might, and set out to find out if a banana could actually be used.

As it turns out, a banana is a perfectly suitable replacement for your finger on the Lumia's screen. I don't know really know why you would want to play a game with a banana, but it's something that the competitors don't have just yet. Apple will surely announce banana controllers for the iPhone 6 in response.

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