Schwarzenegger Son Kicked Out Of Club For Threatening DJ

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Schwarzenegger is certainly known for being intimidating in his films, and apparently his son Patrick is trying to follow in his footsteps.

The 19-year old got into the famous Sayer's Club in Hollywood on Saturday and was enjoying himself a little too much; reportedly, he kept bumping into the house DJ's equipment. When the DJ, Anthony Valadez, spoke to him about being more careful, Schwarzenegger allegedly threatened him loudly and then began throwing ice at him.

"I'm gonna beat the f--k out of the DJ," Schwarzenegger reportedly said. "He kicks everybody out of his table, losing money for the club, losing money for the owner."

The teen later posted on Twitter:

Because he was drinking while underage, Schwarzenegger was ejected from the club and will likely have employees on the lookout for his famous face in the future.

Patrick gained some headlines last year after reportedly taking issue with his famous dad once word got out about his affair; his Twitter handle includes his mother's maiden name, not his surname.

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