Schmidt Says Mobile Growing "Faster Than All Of Our Predictions"


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The use of the mobile Web will at some point become universal, and that point may arrive sooner than anybody expects, according to Google's CEO.  Eric Schmidt indicated yesterday at the 2011 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting that even Google's supercomputers and brilliant employees haven't been able to make accurate forecasts so far.

Schmidt relayed several interesting facts during his keynote.  Consider that more than 200 million mobile YouTube playbacks occur every day, for example, or that mobile searches for Chrysler were 102 times higher following the company's Super Bowl ad (versus 48 times higher for desktop searches).

He then stated with respect to mobile growth, "We look at the charts internally and it's happening faster than all of our predictions."

Eric SchmidtSo Schmidt concluded (and predicted), "This is the future, and everybody will adapt."

These statements may signal that Google will increase its commitment to exploring different types of mobile tech.  Schmidt likely wouldn't take the stage and discuss these matters just to tell competitors how to get ahead, after all.

A hat tip goes to Anna Maria Virzi, and video of Schmidt's whole talk is available here if anyone's interested.