Schemer Adds Google Offers To Your To-Do List

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Google Schemer, Google's most recent answer to Foursquare, is now being used to bring you Google Offers. Who would have thought?

"We have been pilot-testing this Google Offers integration for the past few weeks and have received wonderful feedback from our users (thanks!). We’re now excited to open it up to more users," writes Schemer Front-end Engineer Huy Nguyen on the Google Commerce blog.

It should be noted that Schemer is more than just a Foursquare clone, and is more about "to do lists," which is what makes the Offers integration interesting. As my colleague Shaylin Clark recently put it, "Basically if you take social networking, check-in services like Foursquare or GetGlue, and a giant to-do list for your life and shake them all up together, you’ve pretty much got Schemer."

So Google can serve you offers based on things you want to do.

"Maybe you’ve always wanted to ‘Go Skydiving’? You might receive an email with a killer deal on a tandem jump from a skydiving company in your area, in which case the time is ripe to jump out of that perfectly good airplane!" says Nguyen. "Maybe you’ve been meaning to check out what the deal is with that mysterious mansion down the street. Schemer will help you quell that curiosity at the most opportune (and money saving!) time with a brief email."

Schemer Offer

The Schemer Google+ page posted:

Schemer   26 minutes ago New Cool Feature Announcement: Schemer Integration with Google Offers

Ever get that moment in Schemer right after you click “I want to do it” where you go, “When will I really do this?” “Well, now Schemer can help you go accomplish some of those adventurous schemes (and save you some money too!)

We are excited to announce Schemer’s integration with +Google Offers to help you do schemes you’ve been meaning to do. Schemer has been piloting this integration with a limited number of schemes and today we are officially introducing our users to it. 

Now all you need is to muster up some courage for that skydiving stint you’ve always wanted to check off!

Schemer brings you Google Offers to help you say 'I've done it'
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User can purchase Google Offers deals directly from Schemer's detail page. Users can opt out of the emails (though Google promises to only send them when hey're related to things you've already specifically said you want to do).

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