Scentee Wants To Make Your Phone Smell Like A Rose

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In May of last year, Japanese company ChatPerf introduced the Scentee - a smartphone accessory that shoots out puffs of scented vapor. It was a bizarre product, but the kind of product that some consumers would really go for. If you happen to like the idea of puffing strawberry vapor out of your phone, your dreams are now a reality.

Electronista reports that Scentee is now being sold directly to Western countries directly through its Web site. It supports iOS 7 and Android 4.0 on the Galaxy SC-04E. The device plugs into your smartphone’s earphone jack and is controlled by an app that will emit scents on command, for notifications or even on a timer.

So, how much is this thing? The Scentee can be yours for $35. For that price, you get the dongle, one scent cartridge, a micro USB charging cable and a mount. As for scents, you can buy coffee, lavender, rose, rosemary and strawberry cartridges for $5 each. Scentee says that cartridges last for about 100 sprays.

Here’s a video from last year showing a prototype Scentee in action:

Will the Scentee ever move beyond its current status as a curiosity? Well, it’s hard to think of any situation in which emitting scents would be absolutely vital to your everyday routine. What do I know though? Perhaps your day would be made infinitely better with a spray of rose every few hours. You might even set it up to spray out a scent every time your significant other texts you. It’s sweet and certainly appropriate given that Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us.

Image via Scentee