Scarlett Johansson Only Enticement in 'Under the Skin'

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Scarlett Johannson appears as an alien seductress in a new film called Under the Skin, and most reviews claim she is the only enticing part of the film.

"Darkness, underscored by violins imitating a busy beehive. A flash of circular light that clarifies into a blinking eye. Fragments of familiar words in a woman’s voice, as if she were learning a new language. One female figure stripping another of her clothes and putting them on. An alien entity has come to Earth (Scotland, to be exact), called herself Laura and assumed the most beguiling of human forms: Scarlett Johansson’s," the Time magazine review of Under the Skin begins. And while that might alone be enough to lure movie goers to the box office, the negatives of the review begin after this one short paragraph.

The review goes on to say that after the first few minutes of Jonathan Glazer's film that any thought of it being an artful thriller quickly goes by the wayside.

Lest you're quick to judge, however, do keep in mind that fans are provided with the opportunity to see Scarlett Johannson in the buff. In her role as Laura the alien, she is seen undressing, but is compared to a beast more so than a sexy seductress. In other words her body is hot--her actions are not.

Time didn't publish the only not-so-great review of Under the Skin. The Guardian says Scarlett Johansson "closely resembles Mick Jagger" in one of his film roles with "her black hair, ruby lips and panda eyes." Can a female Mick Jagger be deemed sexy?

While many will want to see Under the Skin simply for a shot at seeing Scarlett Johansson naked, critics suggest true film lovers wait and buy it when it comes out on DVD. In addition to the glimpse at Scarlett, they do believe sci-fi buffs will be mildly entertained by the film's translation from the book.

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