Scarlett Johansson Gains Special Abilities In "Lucy" Trailer [Video]

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There are a couple of big upcoming films for Scarlett Johansson this year, and one of them has just debuted its first trailer. She will be the star of an upcoming science fiction film called Lucy.

Her character gains superhuman powers after ingesting a substance, while working as a drug mule for the mob. It is an action-packed film, and she should be fully prepared for the role after starring as Black Widow in The Avengers franchise.

The film is directed by Luc Besson, who is a native of France, and has made some odd films that have become cult hits throughout his career. Previous films that he has done include The Fifth Element, Leon: The Professional, and The Messenger: The Story Of Joan Arc.

Scarlett Johansson plays Lucy, a woman living in a futuristic Taipei, Taiwan, and it takes place in 2069 AD. Things truly get exciting in the film after she inadvertently ingests a drug that she was carrying in her stomach, which was intended to be transported.

The substance essentially gives her superhuman powers much like superhero would, and some the effects that it has on her include eyes that change color, the ability to write Chinese, superhuman strength, and unlimited intelligence.

The new powers may end up costing her life, and as shown in the trailer, she becomes the target of several crime organizations. She becomes less like a human after every new ability, and could be forever changed.

The film is set up as a thrill ride with Scarlett Johansson leading the way in an exciting thriller, and is sure to be a hit when it is released. It also stars Morgan Freeman as a scientist and professor who can possibly expand her life expectancy.

Featuring Scarlett Johansson as a female lead in a futuristic thriller should remind fans of Luc Besson's previous work such as The Fifth Element, which had Milla Jovovich in a major part. That film also featured complicated crime organizations, and a variety of people that were on the hunt for her.

Lucy will open in theaters this summer, with a release date on August 8th. Her other film Under The Skin is also being released to theaters soon.

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