Scarlet Witch: Chris Evans Reveals More About Avengers New Character

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Chris Evans has been around the Marvel Universe long enough to get a feel for everyone on the Avengers team. In the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, there are some new additions to the team.

Quicksilver is played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (from Kick-ass) and Scarlet Witch is Elizabeth Olsen (from Godzilla). There is also Paul Bettany as The Vision.

Chris Evans says that Scarlet Witch brings an element to the film that changes how we might expect people like Captain America and Ironman to behave.

"[She] has a way of making each of us . . . you know, she gets in your head. That's her ability. So each one is kind of confronted with their own personal issues and demons, and that creates personal struggles, as well as conflicts for the team. I don't wanna dive too deeply into each person's individual conflict but it's tense."

Speaking of individual conflicts in the Avengers team, who is the leader of the Avengers? Is there one person who can be said to step up and claim the role? Maybe Tony Stark?

"Certain people are moving on into different things, and so things that we've each seen in ourselves in this movie — each one of our hurdles, our battles, our struggles, our shortcomings, our fears — these are the things that have kind of motivated the catalyst for change and evolution. For someone like Tony, maybe he may not want to be anything but the front man. He has to kind of face that."

But Chris Evans says that Thor, Captain America, and Hawkeye all have something in common that they do not share with Tony Stark.

"There are people like Thor. Thor's a soldier. I mean, he's just a soldier in another world, so there's an understanding between those two men, Captain, Thor. And same with Hawkeye. These guys have all been in battle, so I think for the most part, there aren't as many conflicting egos. I don't think in terms of well, who's leading this crew? It's more personal conflicts and more personal questions about who they are as people, and what they're looking for, and what makes sense, and what's right and wrong. It's not so much about 'Well, who's the front man?"

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