Scar Your Children For Life With A 3D Printed Replica Of Them As A Fetus

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I love 3D printers. They can create all sorts of whacky objects that makes the 12-year-old kid in me extremely jealous. Of course, one 3D printed replication out of Japan would have horrified me as a child.

Japanese company Fasotec now offers expecting mothers the option of creating a 3D printed replica of the fetus currently residing inside of them. It would be kind of sweet if it wasn't so gross. I know that mothers are really attached to their children, but this just seems like a step too far into the wrong direction.

We're not hear to talk about fetuses though. We're here to talk about fetuses made with 3D printers. So how is the wonder of life translated to a hunk of plastic? It's a pretty procedure actually. Fasotec takes an image of the fetus from an MRI and then run through 3D imaging software. From there, it's just a simple trip to the 3D printer.

The finished product is actually pretty small. It only measures to about 90 x 60 x 40 milliters, but it's about as expensive as your medical bills. The "Shape of an Angel", as Fasotec calls it, will run you about $1,230. The cost is probably attributed to the sweet little box it comes in.

3D Printer Fetus

I take back my claim that 3D printers are the best way to relive the good old days. I'm all for 3D printed mixtapes, but I didn't want the traditional baby photos to turn into this. Just imagine your mother, instead of baby photos, shows your girlfriend how you looked as a fetus. That's gotta be all kinds of awkward.

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