Savannah Guthrie: Three More Years at 'Today,' and Interview With President Obama

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Savannah Guthrie can honestly say that 2015 is off to an excellent start. Earlier in January her contract as Matt Lauer's co-anchor at the Today show was extended for three more years. And next week--on Super Bowl Sunday--she'll conduct her first interview with President Obama during the pre-game show.

On the two days leading up to the Super Bowl, Savannah Guthrie, along with Today show colleague Al Roker, will host the show from from Block 23 in Phoenix, Arizona. NBC will begin coverage of the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 1st at noon. The game begins at 6:30 PM ET.

President Obama is expected to talk with Guthrie about his "State of the Union address, the growing threat of ISIS, and what laws the country can get passed as Obama works with a fully-controlled Republican Congress."

This is a huge step for Savannah Guthrie, who came on board the Today show at a time when many viewers were upset about Ann Curry's firing from the show.

"It required a delicate touch," Guthrie recalled. "My own approach was not to go in there with guns blazing, saying, 'Pay attention to me.' It called for someone to come in, put their head down and do the work. I tried to be a credit to the show and not another problem."

The past two times President Obama was interviewed during the Super Bowl pre-game show, it was Matt Lauer at the helm. Do you suppose this weighs heavily upon Savannah Guthrie?

"I hope to leave a favorable impression," she said.

And she'll no doubt do just that. Guthrie, a new mom to baby Vale, has a way about her that appears to make her interviewees want to open up to her. That's key in the job she holds--one she's likely thrilled to learn she'll be holding for at least three more years.

Will you be tuning in to the Super Bowl pre-game show this coming Sunday to see Savannah Guthrie interview President Barack Obama?

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