Saudi Prince Throws Disneyland Paris Party For €15 Million

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Saudi Prince Fahd al-Saud has taken his love of Disney to the extreme, renting out sections of Disneyland Paris for a special celebration.

According to a Telegraph report, the prince paid €15 million to close sections of Disneyland for his and his 60 guests' use. The event was reportedly the final stop of a world tour that began at Disneyland Hong Kong and continued on to Disney theme parks in Tokyo, California, and Florida. The entire tour was paid for by Prince Fahd.

Prince Fahd, also reportedly designed sets and costumes for his guests to enjoy. According to the Telegraph, the costumes included "rare" Disney characters such as Jessica Rabbit and the Aristocats. The festivities began early in the morning, and ended at 2 am, far after the park's scheduled closing time.

Prince Fahd, the son of Saudi Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud (who died one year ago), has become known for his love of Disney. The prince also reportedly spent around €800,000 last year on a Disneyland Paris party to commemorate the park's 20th anniversary.

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