Sarah Silverman Pays Tribute To Mom After Sudden Death

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Sarah Silverman took to social media this week to pay tribute to her mother, Beth O'Hara, who died late last week.

No cause of death was announced, but Sarah posted a sweetly funny caption on her mom's photo on Tuesday which read: “She was a know-it-all in overalls & two different colored socks. And defiantly, no bra. The woman who, when I was little, gave me detailed directions to a restaurant ladies room and then secretly watched as I found my way to it on my own. The woman who went back to college at 42, and skinny dipped in ponds, and told me never to protect myself from a broken heart because it was so very worth the pain to get to experience love.”

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Sarah spoke about her mom--who was a well-respected figure in the theater community and directed some 50 plays over the course of her career--at the 2003 New Hampshire Theater Awards with a moving speech that had a touch of humor, but much more heartfelt emotion.

“Loving, nurturing, caring, colorful — she used to wear two different socks, I’m sure she was aware of that — supportive, honest, strong and with endless creativity and energy. She gives us the feeling that we fill her heart with love and I think it’s because we fill her heart with love. Mom… we feel the same. You feel our hearts, as well," Silverman said.

Silverman has often spoken about her tight-knit family, particularly her dad, who shares her sense of humor and love of shock value. Donald Silverman said in 2013 that he taught his daughter everything...including some choice words.

"She was just so cute as a baby, so I taught her the worst words. One day when Sarah was about four, my mother came over with some brownies and Sarah shouted at her, 'Shove 'em up your ass, Nana!' It was terrific."

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