Sarah Silverman Breaks Up With Boyfriend, But Keeps Him as F-ckbuddy

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Sarah Silverman dropped a bomb in an interview with Howard Stern. She and her boyfriend have broken up. Sorta.

"We actually just stopped being boyfriend and girlfriend. I still adore him. I still see him. He's still my love partner. This is what it is."

The whole idea of Sarah Silverman breaking up with her boyfriend, but still being with her boyfriend flummoxed Stern, who pressed her for an explanation.

"Something happened when I turned 40 this year. I think it's the opposite of what happens to girls. I just wanna be free, I don't wanna be anybody's girlfriend. I don't wanna be responsible for anybody's happiness. I just wanna be able to love people. And I still totally adore him. There isn't anybody else. I'm not looking. And I'll totally have sex with him. He seems totally fine with it. We adore each other."

Stern insisted that Sarah Silverman was making this far more complicated than it needs to be. Sarah Silverman insisted that it was the other way around. It is simpler. she went on to elaborate that they are on two different tracks in life, but that she does not want to be with anyone else.

"This is what I told him, 'I just wanna be free.' We want different things in our lives. He wants to someday get married. Have like biological kids. I know I don't want those things. And we're at an age where you can't just hold on."

Even if Sarah Silverman is not interested in pursuing a relationship or interest with anyone else, does she understand that he may?

"I think he should keep his eyes open. I don't know if he is. I'm actually not. I decided I don't wanna be looking for someone. And I adore him."

The oddest thing in the entire exchange was hearing Howard Stern use the term "fuck buddy," then apologetically say, "Not to be coarse ..."

Who is this guy? And what has he done with Howard Stern?

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