Sarah Palin Uses Dr. Suess to Knock Obama

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Sarah Palin knocked President Obama and his healthcare plan during her appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. She channeled the children's author, taking a heft dose of literary liberty with his famous rhyming words.

“I do not like this Uncle Sam. I do not like his healthcare scam,” Palin said. “I do not like these dirty crooks or how they lie and cook the books. I do not like when Congress stills. I do not like their crony deals. I do not like the spying man. I do not like ‘Oh yes we can.’ I do not like this spending spree. We’re smart we know there’s nothing free. I do not like reporters’ smug replies when I complain about their lies. I do not like this kind of hope. And we won’t take it, nope, nope, nope. Hat tip the Internet.”

In addition to her rhymes, Sarah Palin criticized the president not only on Obamacare but on his response to the attack in Benghazi and the IRS scandal. She even accused Democrats of "demeaning women." But Democrats weren't the only ones in Palin's crosshairs. She also slammed a few lawmakers in the Republican party, too.

“I do believe that the eyes of America are open. Unfortunately though, some would want you to hit the snooze button and roll back over. Like ‘Hush America, go back to sleep little lambs,’” Palin said. “Some of these folks are in the GOP establishment.”

She had good things to say about Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, however.

“Thank you, Texas because liberty needs a Congress on Cruz control,” Palin said. “The awakening began, and Sen. Ted Cruz helped keep them awake. His filibuster, it worked in waking people up to the folly of a government takeover.

“He told his colleagues it was time, time to stand up, time to use the tools of the Constitution, the power of the purse and to fulfill their campaign promises and to stop Obamacare,” she said. “But our army balked. We hoped that they were just reloading, but instead they retreated, and worse, worse, they joined the lapdogs in the lamestream to trash the foot soldiers who had fought for America.”

It was no doubt Cruz who gave Sarah Palin the Dr. Seuss idea. He read Green Eggs and Ham during his filibuster.

Should Sarah Palin perhaps leave politics and consider writing in the children's genre? Should she run for president again? A few people in the crowd Sunday urged her to do so, shouting, "Run, Sarah, run!" during her speech.

Did they mean for president--or maybe out the door?

She made another funny at their urging, however, perhaps even topping her improvised Dr. Seuss rhyme.

“I should, I didn’t get to run this morning. I was so busy. Did some hot yoga and didn’t get to run.”

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