Sarah Palin Tweets Excerpt From Hillary's Book

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Sarah Palin took to Twitter this week to share an excerpt from Hillary Clinton's new book, which has made headlines with a story about the Obama administration and a request for an attack on Palin.

Once Palin was announced as a vice presidential candidate in 2008 with Senator John McCain, Clinton says, the Obama administration approached her about launching an attack on Palin, whom they considered to be too inexperienced to run for office.

"The Obama campaign did contact me and asked me if I would attack her. I said, 'Attack her for what, for being a woman? Attack her for being on a ticket that's ... trying to draw attention?'" Clinton said in a recent interview. "I think it's fair to say that I made it clear I'm not going to go attack somebody for being a woman or a man. I'm going to try and look at the issues, where they stand, what their experience is, what they intend to do and then that's fair game."

Palin shared a page from Clinton's book, Hard Choices, saying the GOP wasn't responsible for the war on women.

"They immediately issued a dismissive statement and reached out to me in hopes I would follow suit. But I wouldn't. I was not going to attack Palin just for being a woman appealing for support from other women. I didn't think that made political sense and it didn't feel right. So I said no, telling them there'd be plenty of time for criticism. A few hours later the Obama campaign reversed itself and congratulated Governor Palin," Clinton wrote.

In an interview with Robin Roberts for Good Morning America, Clinton spoke a bit about the differences between a woman running a presidential campaign in 2008 as opposed to now.

"I think it's different for women across the board because, not just in the political sphere that we continue to have these obstacles to women's full participation. It's true in the corporate sphere, in journalism, and academia, across the board. But I think that over the last six to seven years there has been a much greater awareness in the American public about the double standard," she said.

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