Sarah Michelle Gellar Reacts to 'Peter Pan Live!'


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Former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar took to Twitter to relate her take on Peter Pan Live!, along with various other Hollywood personalities.

Girls actress Allison Williams played the title role in the NBC production, which aired Thursday. The program was watched by 9.1 million viewers, down from the 18.6 millions viewers garnered by NBC's The Sound of Music Live! last year.

The live special was narrated by Minnie Driver, who was also cast as the adult character Wendy. Christopher Walken played Captain Hook.

Commenting on the role, Williams, 26, said, “To most of America I’m going to be a new face, which is part of what’s exciting about it for me. To those people, I’ll be Peter Pan.”

Gellar chimed in:

Carrie Underwood, star of The Sound of Music Live! prasied the production:

Zach Braff is being funny again:

Anna Kendrick got confused:

Various other celebrity tweets:

Christopher Walken perform's "Hook's Tango":