Sarah Jessica Parker Hits Home State For Obama

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Sarah Jessica Parker hasn't kept it a secret that she is a fan of President Obama's; in June, she held a fundraiser for his campaign at her home and starred in an ad talking him up which aired on MTV. In her latest effort to spread the word about Obama to her fellow female voters, she hit up her home state of Ohio recently along with actress Alfre Woodward and Democratic strategist Valerie Jarrett.

"The things that I feel are most important to women and to children, the things that have made an enormous difference these past four years, and the possibility for even more important, vital and necessary change, is going to come from the Obama administration," she said.

Indeed, Obama has been enormously popular among women voters this time around because of his stance on healthcare--including birth control--and the fact that he believes the government shouldn't have a say in what women do with their own bodies. Winning the key state of Ohio could mean winning the election, as both parties are fully aware, and with celebrity endorsements on his side, Obama's approval rating in the state could be just the boost he needs.

Valerie Jarrett, who is chair of the White House Council of Women and Girls, says the election is particularly important for females this year.

"If you think about the president and what he's fought for his entire life, it's really all about equality, and opportunity -- building a middle class that's meant to last, and women are an important part of that," she said.

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