Sarah Hyland Dissed by Rihanna, Gets Even

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Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame appeared on Good Morning America this week to talk about her upcoming film Vampire Academy. Rihanna was scheduled to appear on the morning program on the same date--exciting Hyland as she's a really big fan. It seems Rihanna kind of dissed Hyland by not talking to her during her time at GMA. However Sarah Hyland made light of the diss and got back at the Stay singer in the best way she knew how--with humor.

Rihanna, of course, isn't known for her charming ways. She isn't always particularly friendly with other celebrities--especially those who are young, popular and pretty. And even though Hyland is a lot younger than the singer and is a huge fan, too, it seems she didn't rate even a few minutes of Rihanna's time.

One might think that Sarah Hyland should have opted to bare her Vampire Academy teeth and scare the wits out of Rihanna, but instead she used Twitter to seek a bit of revenge for the diss.

Is that not the sweetness, most harmless retort to a diss you've ever heard of? Kudos to the Modern Family star for keeping things funny and light. How sad that Rihanna doesn't bother even trying to recognize her young fans.

Fans of Sarah Hyland are no doubt very excited to see her in the upcoming film Vampire Academy. Based on the book series by Richelle Mead, the film also stars Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry. It premieres in theaters nationwide on February 14th.

Maybe Sarah could sent tickets to Rihanna for Valentine's Day?

You can check out Sarah Hyland in the Vampire Academy trailer below.

Will you be checking it out when it hits theaters?

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