Sandra Lee Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, Food Network Star to Undergo Double Mastectomy

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Sandra Lee, the Food Network star known for her 'Semi-Homemade' cooking concept, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will undergo a double mastectomy later this week. Lee has DCIS--which stands for ductal carcinoma in situ. It is a common noninvasive cancer contained within the milk ducts. It can become invasive over time if left untreated.

People magazine reports that Sandra Lee went in for what she expected to be a routine mammogram and wound up with the cancer diagnosis.

Lee has dated New York Governor Andrew Cuomo since 2005, and he says he plans to be by her side throughout the entire ordeal. That includes being by her side when she has the surgery.

"This is about her feeling secure and loved," he says.

"My doctor called me a poster girl for mammography," Sandra Lee says.

She is definitely glad she didn't wait until age 50 to get her first mammogram, as new guidelines recommend. She is 48.

“I am in good health. I have no family history. I tested negative for both [breast-cancer-causing genes] BRCA1 and BRCA2. I had no warning sights--no feeling of being tired, no pain and no lump--nothing,’’ she shared in her very emotional tweet.

“Had I not gone for a routine annual mammogram, I would never have known I was in danger," she adds

Andrew Cuomo is incredibly proud of Sandra Lee for sharing her story in the media.

“We’re hopeful that she’s going to have surgery at the end of this week and that everything turns out well,’’ he said.

“To me, it’s just another reminder,’’ the governor added. “One phone call could change your life, and sometimes you get caught up in the day to day and all these little nuances that we think are so important at the time, and then you get a phone call that actually reminds you of what’s really important. I lost my father in January, this situation with Sandy, it just reframes everything for you.”

Lots of prayers will no doubt be said for Sandra Lee this week as she undergoes the double mastectomy that will save her life from breast cancer. Fans will be anxiously awaiting word from Andrew Cuomo on the outcome of her surgery.

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