Sandra Bullock Says Her Son Doesn't Know She's In His Favorite Movie Series

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Sandra Bullock said recently that although her son Louis has seen the Despicable Me movies many, many times, he doesn't know that she has a big role in the new spinoff film, Minions. In fact, he doesn't even know she's an actress.

Bullock, who plays villainous Scarlett Overkill in the new movie, says Louis is a huge fan of the first one, which starred Steve Carell.

"That was the first introduction, then came Despicable Me Part 2. That was another 300 views....Louis has no idea that I'm in this film. He won't put two and two together -- at least not anytime soon. If he does, I'll be shocked. The kid surprises me all the time...He has no idea what an Oscar is. He's not seen it, doesn't know what it is ... He doesn't know what I do. I just go to work," Bullock told Entertainment Tonight.

Bullock--like a lot of celebrity parents--has shielded her son from the media over the years as much as possible, and said recently that it bothers her when someone refers to Louis as her "adopted son".

“People go, ‘Your adopted son,’ and I go, ‘Please don’t say that. He is my son.' I would give up my life for him. I mean, I have. I think times are changing. I know there’s a lot of ignorance and a lot of people just need time to catch up. You can’t get mad at that. All you can do is live by example. I look at the love that I have and I just wish for you that you can have that love too," Sandra said.

Sandra Bullock wore a very special outfit to the premiere of Minions, including a pair of yellow shoes made to look like the creatures which will be auctioned off. The proceeds will go to Art + Practice.

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