Sandra Bullock Responds To Rumors About Adoption

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Sandra Bullock stepped out with her beau, photographer Bryan Randall, for the first time on Monday after denying rumors that she adopted a second child.

The Our Brand Is Crisis actress brought Randall to the premiere earlier this week, making headlines as it's her first relationship since she split from ex-husband Jesse James following the revelation that he was unfaithful. The former couple had just adopted son Louis before they separated, something that still eats at James according to a recent interview. Rumors have been flying that because Randall reportedly wants to marry and expand his family, Bullock went the adoption route again. However, she says the stories aren't true.

"There's only one adopted child in my household and his name is Louis. If I had an adopted child -- if I had a second adopted child -- everyone would be hearing about it. I would be loud and clear and say, 'Yes, I have officially adopted a second child.' Right now, Louis must be it," Bullock said.

Sources say that the couple have a mutual respect for one another, and that Randall has met 5-year old Louis but does not attempt to parent him. The sometime model is a dad to an adult daughter.

"He respects that her main priority is Louis; he's a parent himself. There is no co-parenting involved," a source told People.

Bullock's co-star, Zoe Kazan, interviewed her for the upcoming issue of Glamour Magazine and names Sandra as one of the kindest people she's ever met; more than that, Kazan says, Bullock is a role model.

“After spending time with Sandy, I now have a new standard of how to conduct myself, not just at work but also in life,” Kazan wrote.

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