Sandra Bullock Matches Charity Funds With Minion Shoes, Gives $85,000

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Sandra Bullock recently gave up her specially-made Minion shoes for charity, and the auction brought thousands of dollars for an organization called Art+Practice. But she didn't stop there; Bullock matched the final auction number, bringing the total to nearly $85,000.

The Minions actress said she feels the need to give back to groups that are so active within their communities, and the project meant a lot to her. When her unique Minion pumps brought in $42,425, she decided to match it so that the group could get the maximum amount from the auction.

“When you discover people who are truly giving back, and taking care of our community, I think it’s our duty to support and take care of them in return,” Bullock said.

Sandra wore the yellow pumps to the film's premiere and got quite a bit of attention with the unique design. She actually had several pairs created for the auction and autographed each one before sending them to the winners.

Bullock will head to court this month to testify against a man who broke into her home last year and declared his love for her; Joshua Corbett reportedly got past the security system while she was home and made his way in as she locked herself into her closet, which had a safe door. Sandra told 911 that she wasn't able to get her gates open with her phone for the police to come in and speculated that Joshua may have been able to somehow override the system.

Corbett allegedly had a notebook with him that contained a letter to Bullock and detailed notes about the security measures at her home; his attorney has said that Corbett was "mentally disturbed" and believed he was married to Sandra Bullock. An officer on the scene says he heard Corbett say, “I’m sorry. I love you Sandy.”

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