Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts Share George Clooney

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Saturday night's International Film Festival Gala in Palm Springs, California brought out stars such as Steve McQueen, Bruce Dern, Matthew McConaughey, and Tom Hanks. But the comic relief was brought by Sandra Bullock.

Upon accepting her Desert Palm Achievement Award for Gravity, Bullock said, "When you are told you are going to receive an honor like this from the Palm Springs International Film Festival, you spend the next couple of weeks crapping yourself [about] what you are going to say. And if you know me, I don't take compliments well, and I don't feel comfortable in these situations."

She continued, "I thought it would be a nice, fun approach to this evening to do something different, so I Googled myself and read the comments section, thinking I would get some tidbits on what people really think of me and share that with you for humor."

"No human should ever read the comments section or Google oneself at any time!" she joked. "But I did learn a lot about myself."

According to US Magazine, one tidbit she learned was that she and actress Julia Roberts are fighting over a fellow actor and friend.

"Apparently, Julia - I don't know where you are - but apparently, you and I are in a dispute over George Clooney," she said. "We talked about this, right? We share custody, and we are both fine with it!"

According to a bogus article in the National Enquirer in December 2013, the two ladies were in a bitter tug-of-war with Clooney. It claimed that “Longtime rivals Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock both want George to support them in their upcoming Academy Award campaigns - and neither woman wants to share the spotlight.”

An "insider" for the tabloid reported, “Sources say [Roberts] has been pushing George hard to put in appearances with her instead of with Sandra. Sandra always won out because she didn’t have the salary demands that Julia had, and that’s really irked Julia. I don’t think George had any idea how deeply the bad feelings ran.”

Another Google comment Bullock read aloud at the podium was: "Sandra Bullock is over 40."

"I know that," replied the 49-year old. "'Sandra Bullock is way past 40.' Yep, I know that, too!"

Meryl Streep jumped on the comedy train as well, telling the audience, "Everything that Sandra Googled about herself, they say about me, too, except they say over 60."

Bullock ended her speech on a sincere, but still humorous, note.

"I have had a very fortunate year! Warner Bros. keeps hiring me. The next year could be a real stinker. So from this not particularly talented or mediocre over-40 woman, I am so grateful and so thankful, and I so appreciate this."

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