Samsung Working on a Google Glass Competitor [RUMOR]

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For over one year now, Google has been hyping up its Google Glass project, a wearable computer with a tiny display that hovers over a user's right eye. Now, with the presumed release of the device less than one year away, other manufacturers are beginning to take notice.

Eldar Murtazin, founder of the website Mobile-Review, tweeted today that Samsung is developing its take on the head-mounted computer. He claims that the device will be called the "Gear Glass" and will be released sometime in spring 2014 - around the same time the Google Glass is supposed to be available to consumers.

There are no more details about what Samsung may be designing, or if Samsung will use Google's operating system for the device. Given the company's history, however, it's likely that this "Gear Glass" will be very similar to Google Glass.

If this rumor turns out to be true, then computing eyewear represents yet another unproven market that tech manufacturers will be stumbling over each other to establish market share in the coming years. Already this year Samsung announced its Galaxy Gear smart watch, and Sony refreshed its existing smart watch product. Those products were made available following rumors this year about an upcoming smart watch from Apple, making it seem that manufacturers will continue to chase Google and Apple at every opportunity.

(via 9to5Google and BGR)