Samsung to Reveal Smart TV Upgrade Kits at CES

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One of the problems with trying to re-invent the TV in the same way phones and tablets have been in the past few years is that consumers can't and won't buy a new TV every year. As a big-ticket item, many consumers would rather wait for manufacturers to get their experimental new TV features ironed out before laying down thousands of dollars on a TV set.

Samsung is trying to solve this problem, though, and will attempt to let early adopters of its smart TVs know they won't be left behind any time soon. At the Computer Electronics Show (CES) next week, Samsung will unveil what it is calling an "Evolution Kit."

The kits will turn Samsung's 2012 smart TVs into 2013 smart TVs, with new features and hardware. The kits will increase the CPU power and memory of the TVs, as well as "enhancing" their voice and motion controls. Samsung has stated that the kits can simply be attached to the back of its smart TVs.

The idea is that Samsung will sell a yearly update kit to keep smart TV software and hardware up-to-date. While such a system will certainly be good for customers, who don't have to worry about their TV becoming obsolete within two years, it will also represent a new subscription-like revenue source for Samsung. No pricing information for the update kits has yet been revealed.