Samsung Taps Overly Attached Girlfriend for New Ad

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It would sure be a shame if your computer turned on you and began to slowly sabotage your privacy and security. Just like an ex-girlfriend, your computer has all of the tools and information to make your life miserable (if they so choose). That is, of course, unless you protect everything with a Samsung SSD (solid-state drive).

That's the message behind a new virally-inspired ad from Samsung. It stars Laina Walker, who has skyrocketed to internet fame as the inspiration for the "Overly Attached Girlfriend" meme which you've probably seen while browsing reddit, Tumblr, and other social channels over the past few months. In the ad, Overly Attached Girlfriend becomes Overly Attached Computer, who talks about all of the evil ways in which she could ruin your life.

Those eyes do it. It's time to put my information in a different, safer location. Yikes.

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