Samsung Stress Tests Its Phones With Robot Butts

IT Management

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Every new smartphone and tablet must go through a YouTube stress test. It's somewhat of an unwritten rule of the Internet. The drop test is by far the most popular, but others put smartphones through some rather creative trials. Hammering a nail into some wood with a Lumia 900 is pretty cool, but it's got nothing on Samsung's own stress tests.

Yesterday, Samsung uploaded a video that showed off the various stress tests the company puts each new device through before shipping. The device of choice this time around is the Samsung Galaxy S III, and the tests the company puts it through are pretty rough.

As you can see, Samsung puts its devices through far more tests than any YouTube stress test could ever think of. I've never seen a test involving a 100 kg person sitting on the device, but we don't have to now because Samsung has that covered withs its artificial butt test.

The other tests are equally strenuous and downright mean. Granted, the testers aren't throwing the device against a concrete slab, but that's outside of normal use. With that being said, I'm still trying to figure out how a smartphone being blasted with high pressure water falls under normal use.