Samsung, Sony Barring Retailers from Discounting TVs

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Samsung and Sony have both commenced barring retailers from discounting television sets to protect profits, in an attempt to cut down on 'showrooming.' Showrooming is the practice of consumers going into a big box retailer and then likewise buying the tested product online for cheaper.

The practice of showrooming has affected the business of Best Buy, which has shut down some stores recently, and is also rumored to be the reason why Target stopped carrying Amazon's Kindle tablet. The retailer likely became weary of shoppers being able to use the device to instantaneously order most products sold in its stores by logging on to Amazon for some one-click purchases.

Apple has historically maintained strict pricing policies, and Sony has had a hand in controlling the lowest retail prices merchants can allow. Still, LG and Panasonic allow discounting, which can add a competitor threat to the existing problem with showrooming. Consumers should've expect to see any discounted Sony or Samsung TVs in the bear future, though one shouldn't hold their breath on any sort of deal regarding Panasonic's upcoming 145" 8K Plasma TV.

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