Samsung Sells 5 Million Galaxy Notes in 5 Months

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Five months after its launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note has achieved sales of 5 million units, according to the company. The first million devices were sold by the end of December.

Users have been given ample time to decide on whether they like the 5.3 inch screen and large frame of the Galaxy Note, or the S-Pen stylus it features, but the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software update is still highly anticipated. The Galaxy Note, a sort of cross between a smartphone and a tablet, was initially met with a bit of skepticism regarding how it would fare in its uniqueness. An AT&T exec originally stated that the device brought “a new level of efficiency to busy customers who would normally rely on multiple devices," which would allow users to “accomplish more with a single device than ever before.” AT&T went on to support the Galaxy Note in the U.S.

With five million units sold so far, its clear that the Note is not a fad device. And with the impending release of the Premium Suite of apps and Android 4.0, the Note could establish even more of a foothold. Also, a recent study has shown that smartphone users want larger screens, which adds to the Note's attractiveness.

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