Samsung Ritualistically Drowns The Galaxy S4 During Stress Test

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One of the most memorable scenes from the hardly memorable Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is when a guy is strapped to a cage and lowered into a pit of lava. Samsung must have been inspired by that scene as it does something similar in its stress tests for the Galaxy S4.

Samsung has released a new video that shows all the stress tests its latest flagship device had to go through before being released on the market. There's the requisite drop tests, but there's also a drowning test and a heat test. The drowning test looks like the aforementioned scene from Indiana Jones as the phone is strapped into a cage and lowered into a body of water. It's not as emotionally scarring for an 8-year-old child, but the hardcore Samsung fan may feel a little feint after witnessing the abuse.

Unfortunately, we don't see a return of the robo-butt. It was a humorous and practical test, but I guess Samsung was tired of buying special robo-butt jeans. That's a shame.