Samsung Releases Two Galaxy S III Ads, Doesn't Mention Apple Once

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As you've probably heard by now, Samsung's new Galaxy S III is on its way to stores in the U.S. right now (kind of). By all accounts, it's a fantastic phone packed with a whole slew of amazing new features (assuming you get one that doesn't blow up).

Which is why Samsung's latest ads for the Galaxy S III are refreshing. If you're familiar with Samsung's advertising at all, you know they have a bit of a... fixation with their main rival in the smartphone market: Apple. A huge chunk of their advertising for products like the Galaxy S II or the Galaxy Note have focused on Apple. More specifically, they've shown a marked tendency to insult Apple's fans. Two separate ads earlier this year ridiculed Apple fans who wait in line for new products, while another implied that they were sheep.

The two new ads for the Galaxy S III, though, take a different approach. In a somewhat unusual move for Samsung, neither makes any reference - subtle or overt - to Apple or the iPhone. Instead, they focus on the Galaxy S III's new features, including the ability to transfer data back and forth between devices by bumping them together, and the fact that you can text and watch video at the same time. Check the ads out for yourself below.

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