Samsung Pulls Its Windows RT Tablet Out Of Europe Due To Weak Demand [Report]

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By all accounts, the Windows 8 Pro Surface is selling like hotcakes. The Windows RT Surface, and other Windows RT tablets, not so much. That's why Samsung decided against selling its Windows RT tablet in the U.S., and now the company may be pulling out of Europe.

According to reports out of MobileGeeks, Samsung will stop selling the Windows RT ATIV Tab in Germany. The device is reportedly not selling well at all, and retailers have told Samsung that there's no demand for it. Even worse, Samsung may be pulling out of other European countries as well.

You could say that the weak demand for Samsung's ATIV Tab could be blamed on Samsung's hardware, but the reality is that consumers don't care about Windows RT. Back at CES, Samsung said that Microsoft needs to do a better job of communicating the merits of Windows RT to consumers. Microsoft hasn't exactly made a case for why Windows RT is more preferable to Windows 8 Pro and the hardware is suffering as a result.

Obviously, Microsoft will not be pulling its Surface RT out of Europe anytime soon. The company is invested in making its new hardware a success, but it really does need to work harder on conveying the merits of not only Windows RT, but Windows 8 in general. Dance parties aren't going to do that.

If Microsoft can get its act together, you can expect to see Samsung and other OEMs flooding back to the market with new Windows RT devices. Until that happens, however, expect to see more instances of Windows RT failing to meet expectations.

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