Samsung Named As Possible Google TV Partner


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Google TV got off to a rough start, but its fortunes may soon improve thanks to Samsung Electronics.  A new rumor indicates that the organization, which is the largest electronics company in the world, could start to integrate Google TV software into its products.

A Bloomberg article stated late yesterday, "Samsung Electronics Co., the largest television maker, may use Google TV software in home- entertainment devices based on its own chips, rather than those from Intel Corp., a person with knowledge of the plans said."

Then the article continued, "Samsung had previously considered using the Google Inc. software and balked after Google required use of Intel's Atom chips, said the person, who declined to be identified because Samsung's plans haven't been made public.  Google lifted the restriction."

So it's perhaps not too difficult to imagine that the two sides would come together, even if no official confirmations have been issued.

What remains to be seen (aside from whether anything happens at all) is how many products would be affected.  Getting Google TV into one $400 Blu-ray player wouldn't count as much of a victory for the search giant.

On the other hand, if Samsung really embraces the tech, Google TV could gain a presence in pretty much every product category, helping it reach a lot more consumers.