Samsung Galaxy S4 TV Ad Hits the Web, is Boring

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Nearly a decade ago, Apple proved that advertising was key in getting consumers hooked on their brand. Memorable iPod commercials used color and indie music to create Apple's new image as the company that sells the best portable electronics. It's for that reason that following advertising trends in the mobile industry are a bit more interesting than, say, ads for fast food restaurants.

Today, Samsung released a new TV ad that the Korean company will use to try and sell the Galaxy S4 to consumers. The ad, which can be seen below, is fairly straightforward, much like the ads for the device Samsung has already released. It briefly highlights the phone's larger, clearer screen and thinner profile before moving on to highlighting the software features Samsung has created for the device.

Actually, the ad is rather boring compared to Samsung's ads for the Galaxy S3. Last year, the company focused on going after the competition directly, implying that Apple loyalists are sheep and making fun of those who wait in lines at the Apple store for new products. There's little doubt that the ads increased Samsung's profile in the U.S. and helped the Galaxy S III ship over 50 million units, and the return to boring feature-heavy ads is a bit disappointing.

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