Samsung Galaxy S III May Be Coming In Late March

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Rumors surrounding the release of Samsung's new, highly anticipated addition to the Galaxy S lineup, the Galaxy S III, have been all over the map lately. There were rumors of an April release, however Samsung themselves sent out a tweet denying them. All they would say was that the phone would be coming out sometime in the first half of the year.

With an April release apparently out of the question, general opinion has settled on May 22nd as the probable release date. Speculation about the date was revived somewhat last week, though, when Samsung's president of Greater China hinted that Samsung might be planning to release the phone earlier, perhaps in April.

Now, though, it looks like there's a chance that the Galaxy S III may release even earlier. Reports out of London today suggest that the phone may actually hit stores as early as next week. It seems that a sign bearing the Samsung logo and the caption "Coming 30/3/2012" has appeared at a Phones 4U store on Oxford Street in London.

Signage like that is usually reserved for major product releases, and so far as anybody knows, the Galaxy S III is Samsung's next major product. In that case, the Galaxy S III is the most likely subject of the sign. On the other hand, there's that tweet from Samsung that suggests that the Galaxy S III won't be out until closer to summer. There's also the fact that Samsung hasn't made any sort of announcement or sent out media invitations for the phone's launch, which makes a Friday release look unlikely, as well.

All things considered, it's probably best to keep looking for a May release of the Galaxy S III and assume that the sign in London is referring to something else.

What do you think? Would Samsung release a major new phone like this with almost no warning? Are you excited for the Galaxy S III? Let us know in the comments.

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